Thursday, 24 March 2011

Art Competition @ Deyes

There was an art competition at Deyes High, it was based in the new building and we had three judges from the acadamy of art in Liverpool.  The theme was Liverpool and the stundents had to draw or paint something relating to Liverpool.

The winners.

1st Place - Ross  - £100
2nd Place - Amy.Chris and Jay - £50
3rd Place - Jordan - £25

Our Day at the Tate

Our Radio Piece

Yesterday we went to the Tate Gallery in Liverpool for BBC News School Report.  We interviewed Young Tate Curators.  Our focus for the interview was the cost of art and what they thought of it.  We had a sucessful interview and we got lots of different opinions.


We have just had a mention off the BBC on the live feed.

If you want to check it out the website is :

Click the Link to visit it.

Its called Art on the Mersey and is about halfway down the page.

This shout out is to everyone in 9O.

Jade, Emma, Amy, Lois, Charlie and Jack.

Deyes Art Gallery

Last night, at Deyes High School, lots of visitors came to view our Art Gallery in the new W.O.W. building. There was a variety of artwork from our school, the Maghull Art Group, Micheal Treanor and some primary schools. We interviewed lots of people asking them if young people should participate in art activities, teachers from our school visited aswell, this is what they had to say,
Mrs Shotton (music teacher)
- I thought the exhibition was excellent and completely agree that young people should participate in all aspects of art and art activities such as making galleries, beacause it develop creativity and builds self esteem. my favourite artwork was all the art work from Deyes High and also the penguins that Deyes made, they were brilliant.
Dr Howard (head of the music department)
- I really enjoyed visiting the exhibition, it had a variety of different and was intresting to see. I think young people should definately have access to the arts because it broadens the mind, builds character and helps you be creative, it also opens your eyes to the world around you. My favourite piece was one of st. Andrews Church because it was memorable and very realistic.
By Hannah, Aisha and Elle

The Tate Visit

Yesterday, 90  went to liverpool Tate Art Gallery to film or record for the BBC school news report. our group interviewed the young tate curators and we also interviewd some of the pupils in our class. We took some photos of some of the art work. The whole day was very enjoyable and throught the whole experinece we have all learned a lot.

Emma, Hannah, Aisha, Elle and Michael