Tuesday, 22 March 2011

What young people define art as?

We decided that we didn't want to cover something like how expensive art is and whether it's worth it, or who seem to be the most popular artists of all time; because there are right and wrong answers to both of those questions. Instead, our group's angle for the BBC School Report project is 'what do young people define art as?', which will mean that we can gather a lot of different responses and keep the question on people's minds even after the school report is over. This seemed like a tough angle to do at first, but we soon realised that to do this properly we had to research what art was considered online and in a dictionary:

What is art?
The product of human creativity, also it is the creation of beautiful or significant things.
The quality, production and expression of what is beautiful.

Tomorrow we are taking a day out of school and along with the rest of our class we are going to the Tate Art Gallery in Liverpool, which is situated near the Albert Dock. Here, we will be interviewing the curator of the 'Young Tate' exhibition, where young people aged 16-25 come together from places such as Britain, Paris and Helsinki to look at different art works and create the ultimate exhibiton - expressing themes like democracy and the youth of today. Hopefully, curator Shaun Curtis will be happy to speak to us and tell us what he defines art as.

By Hannah, Megan, Katie, Hannah and Megan