Thursday, 24 March 2011

Art Competition @ Deyes

There was an art competition at Deyes High, it was based in the new building and we had three judges from the acadamy of art in Liverpool.  The theme was Liverpool and the stundents had to draw or paint something relating to Liverpool.

The winners.

1st Place - Ross  - £100
2nd Place - Amy.Chris and Jay - £50
3rd Place - Jordan - £25

Our Day at the Tate

Our Radio Piece

Yesterday we went to the Tate Gallery in Liverpool for BBC News School Report.  We interviewed Young Tate Curators.  Our focus for the interview was the cost of art and what they thought of it.  We had a sucessful interview and we got lots of different opinions.


We have just had a mention off the BBC on the live feed.

If you want to check it out the website is :

Click the Link to visit it.

Its called Art on the Mersey and is about halfway down the page.

This shout out is to everyone in 9O.

Jade, Emma, Amy, Lois, Charlie and Jack.

Deyes Art Gallery

Last night, at Deyes High School, lots of visitors came to view our Art Gallery in the new W.O.W. building. There was a variety of artwork from our school, the Maghull Art Group, Micheal Treanor and some primary schools. We interviewed lots of people asking them if young people should participate in art activities, teachers from our school visited aswell, this is what they had to say,
Mrs Shotton (music teacher)
- I thought the exhibition was excellent and completely agree that young people should participate in all aspects of art and art activities such as making galleries, beacause it develop creativity and builds self esteem. my favourite artwork was all the art work from Deyes High and also the penguins that Deyes made, they were brilliant.
Dr Howard (head of the music department)
- I really enjoyed visiting the exhibition, it had a variety of different and was intresting to see. I think young people should definately have access to the arts because it broadens the mind, builds character and helps you be creative, it also opens your eyes to the world around you. My favourite piece was one of st. Andrews Church because it was memorable and very realistic.
By Hannah, Aisha and Elle

The Tate Visit

Yesterday, 90  went to liverpool Tate Art Gallery to film or record for the BBC school news report. our group interviewed the young tate curators and we also interviewd some of the pupils in our class. We took some photos of some of the art work. The whole day was very enjoyable and throught the whole experinece we have all learned a lot.

Emma, Hannah, Aisha, Elle and Michael

Fuel prices due to rise in 2011.

In April 2011, fuel prices will rise by 4p/litre to try and get the economy back on it's feet after the 'credit crunch' in 2009.  Also the usual rise of petrol of 1p per litre will be scrapped, but then again the 4p petrol increase just blows that increase away.  The fuel increase is a major problem, in the last year petrol has been increased and now has been increased even further, people reley on their cars every day and this constant increase in petrol could mean less driving for many drivers.  Without cars, other modes of transport will  be depended upon such  as public transport however this might not be such a crisis because if people depend more on bikes then it will drastically help the struggling enviroment.
By Charlie, Emma, Jade, Lois, Amy and Jack

Maghull petrol prices 23/3/11
The Highest price in this area:
The Average price in this area:
The Lowest price in this area:

Tate Liverpool, Art Gallery

On the 23rd of March, my class visited the Tate art gallery in Liverpool. We focused our report on the "sculpture remixed" and how the public can have different reactions towards the unique sculpture. We interviewed 3 young tate members on there view of art. We are now looking at our own schools art exhibition, and primary schools view towards art. We would like to know if young people should be allowed access to art.
Eleanor, Charlotte, Liam, Leonie and Hannah.
Deyes High
BBC school report.

Visiting The Tate.

 Yesterday, my class and I visited the Tate for BBC news school report. We visited the art exhibition 'A Sense of Perspective' and  my group interviewed three young Tate Curators. The topic of our discussion was 'The cost of Art', whether it was to expensive, or whether it is worth the price.
Some groups did film, and others did radio. My group did radio, and we recorded a voxpop of people in our class and others from the Tate. Overall, the Tate was an interesting day out and every group enjoyed it thoroughly.


Libya Crisis

Gaddafi's forces keep up assault on the rebel cities.

The fighting in Libya has continued after a fifth consecutive night of air strikes and bombing in key cities.

Overnight, several loud explosions were heard in Tripoli and Misrata - a rebel-held city east of the capital - government tanks have been shelling the area near the hospital. There have also been several reports of fighting between rebels and pro-Gaddafi forces in Ajdabiya.

In Misrata, there are reports that more than a dozen people were killed in the latest clashes. Also, there was a reported explosion at a miltary base in the Tajura region east of Tripoli. Tripoli residents said they could see plumes of black smoke billowing from an area near a miltary base. Although, this hasn't been confirmed by a reliable source.

By Amy, Lois, Jade, Emma, Jack and Charlie.

Art at Deyes!

Last night, Deyes High held an art exhibition for the public at their new WOW building. The exhibition was full of art created by the community; a collection from primary schools, the local 'maghull art group' and also from past pupils that generously donated their unwanted artwork. Their was also a penguin quiz for the infants to keep them entertained that went down a storm.

The exhibition started at half 6 and the last of the viewers didn't leave until 9pm! There was non alcholic beverages and snacks for 60p and 20p.

We got a lot of positive feedback and the community thouroughly enjoyed themselves!

By Amy, Lois, Jade, Emma, Jack and Charlie.

A Day At The Tate

This is one of the school reports being uploaded to the BBC School Report Website for Deyes High School.  We went to the tate to get an excluive report on the new exhibition that the young tate members organised.  We got to go behind the scenes were the art was in the process of being unloaded.  We reported all around the new exhibition to get our exclusive report. We interviewed the young tate orginisers to get their views on the Cocon du vide by Chen Zhen and the two pictures by  Sarah Jones called the Sitting Room (Francis Place) 1 and 3.  After all the interviews we had to sign off which was harder than we made it out to be as you can tell by our celebration. 

Jade, Emma, Lois, Amy, Charlie and Jack.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Tate Art Gallery-preperation

Tommorow , we are vsiting the tate liverpool art gallery to report on its new exibition and to ask one simple question, why should young people have access to art ? The tate is home to modern and contemporary art in nothern england and it has a massive variety in types of arts including : the kiss , dance floor and sculpures , all of which involve a different process to participate in . It is possible that we may appear on north west tonight if our sublimely planned out report goes well

By Michael, Emma , Elle , Hannah and Aisha


"Sculpture remixed"

On 23rd March, the class of 9O, are visiting the Liverpool Tate art gallery located by the Albert Dock. Group B are setting there focus on Wayne Hemingway's sculpture, called "sculpture remixed". We are interviewing the public on there opinions and how they reacted to this unique sculpture. We are aiming to see how art can cause people to have different reactions. We are also asking some class mates of ours, to see if adults and teens view art in different ways.

We will also be taking images and recordings of the public and our classmates reactions when they view this unique sculpture.
Leonie, Hannah, Liam, Eleanor and Charlotte.
Deyes High School
BBC schools report.

Should students have access to expensive art?

In our school report we will be finding out whether students should  be allowed access to expensive art, to do this we have prepared an interview for the curator of the exhibition and some young Tate Members. Our  group have worked together to create a detailed interview, to find out about art and some different perspectives of it. We will be going to the tate gallery in liverpool to view the art exhibition, this will help us decide weather the art is appropriate for younger artisits, this will help us find out some good answers to our long awaited quetsions. Our main question is 'Should young people have access to expensive art work.' We will also be asking if art galleries should be free.
Also to help our main question we have created our own art exhibition in deyes high school, in the exhibition we will have a chance to ask some of our questions to students and the public to find out their views on the topic.
To find out more on the topic, visit the blog to get updates and other information.


What young people define art as?

We decided that we didn't want to cover something like how expensive art is and whether it's worth it, or who seem to be the most popular artists of all time; because there are right and wrong answers to both of those questions. Instead, our group's angle for the BBC School Report project is 'what do young people define art as?', which will mean that we can gather a lot of different responses and keep the question on people's minds even after the school report is over. This seemed like a tough angle to do at first, but we soon realised that to do this properly we had to research what art was considered online and in a dictionary:

What is art?
The product of human creativity, also it is the creation of beautiful or significant things.
The quality, production and expression of what is beautiful.

Tomorrow we are taking a day out of school and along with the rest of our class we are going to the Tate Art Gallery in Liverpool, which is situated near the Albert Dock. Here, we will be interviewing the curator of the 'Young Tate' exhibition, where young people aged 16-25 come together from places such as Britain, Paris and Helsinki to look at different art works and create the ultimate exhibiton - expressing themes like democracy and the youth of today. Hopefully, curator Shaun Curtis will be happy to speak to us and tell us what he defines art as.

By Hannah, Megan, Katie, Hannah and Megan

Is the cost of art too expensive?

In our school report, the angle of my groups project, is the 'cost of art'. Whether it is too expensive, or if people believe to consider the price, you have to appreciate it in the first place. Most people buy art as a piece of furniture, others, see the meaning behind it.
On Wednesday, my class, will visit the Tate for an art exhibition. Whilst we visit, each group will find an oppinion from a member of the Tate or the Young Tate, in a film or radio interview. My group, are doing a radio interview. In the interview, with an artist or an onlooker at the Tate, we will discuss the cost of art, and how different art is more expensive. For more on the interview check out the blog tomorrow!

Olivia, Georgina, Anneli, Shaun and Ethan.

A Sense Of Perspective

Tommorow we are going to the Liverpool Tate Art Gallery to film and record people who are involved with the art that is there. Our group is going to be going round with Steve Rawling from the BBC and we will be filming with him.

Some of the things will involve interviewing people such as the curator of the gallery or of the piece of art and also people who are around it and interested in that piece of art. We will also be going round the gallery to interview people regarding the question should young people be given access to art that is there.

So, should young people be allowed to  just go to a museum and say "I want that piece of art, and that one" or should they carry on being denyed access and not being able to decide what art goes where.

Keep in touch and coming back to find out the answer to these questions!

Jack, Charlie, Lois, Amy, Emma And Jade

Monday, 21 March 2011

Welcome to our News Report Blog

Hi to the BBC, Deyes High and the WORLD!!

This is where you will find an up to date news feed of what we, at our school have been doing for SCHOOL'S REPORT DAY.

This is what we have planned so far:
Wednesday 23rd March
  • Interviewing Young Tate members in Tate Liverpool about their involvement with a new project called "Sense of Perspective".
  • We are hosting a FREE Art Exhibition in our school for the local community and governors.
Thursday 24th March
  • Primary School's in to see the Art Exhibition
  • Reporting on local news
Friday 25th March


Keep checking back for updates and snippets of information!