Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Should students have access to expensive art?

In our school report we will be finding out whether students should  be allowed access to expensive art, to do this we have prepared an interview for the curator of the exhibition and some young Tate Members. Our  group have worked together to create a detailed interview, to find out about art and some different perspectives of it. We will be going to the tate gallery in liverpool to view the art exhibition, this will help us decide weather the art is appropriate for younger artisits, this will help us find out some good answers to our long awaited quetsions. Our main question is 'Should young people have access to expensive art work.' We will also be asking if art galleries should be free.
Also to help our main question we have created our own art exhibition in deyes high school, in the exhibition we will have a chance to ask some of our questions to students and the public to find out their views on the topic.
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