Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Is the cost of art too expensive?

In our school report, the angle of my groups project, is the 'cost of art'. Whether it is too expensive, or if people believe to consider the price, you have to appreciate it in the first place. Most people buy art as a piece of furniture, others, see the meaning behind it.
On Wednesday, my class, will visit the Tate for an art exhibition. Whilst we visit, each group will find an oppinion from a member of the Tate or the Young Tate, in a film or radio interview. My group, are doing a radio interview. In the interview, with an artist or an onlooker at the Tate, we will discuss the cost of art, and how different art is more expensive. For more on the interview check out the blog tomorrow!

Olivia, Georgina, Anneli, Shaun and Ethan.